For Gypsum wall boards

To enhance fire protection E-glass fiber reinforcements is used in gypsum wallboards. Ucomposites produce UNIFORM designed for better fire protection and for good feed rate in wet production processes. Ucomposites offer Chopped Strands (CS) and Wet Used Chopped Strands (WUCS) in ¼ inch (6,3mm) and ½ inch (12,5mm).

For Braking pads

To enhance strength E-glass fiber is used in braking pads for automotive and transportation systems. UNIFORM is designed to work well in dry-mixed processes. Clutch discs, brake pads, brake lining and brake shoes are reinforced with woven fiberglass to maintain the integrity of the composite in a hot and abrasive environment and with specification as below. Ucomposites can supply fibers in length.

For Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP)

To enhance fiber-reinforced polymer/plastics, Ucomposites supply chopped E-glass fibers with a silane sizing to ensure compatibility with epoxy, vinylester, polyester thermosetting plastic and phenolic resins. Ucomposites can supply fibers in length according to requirements.

For compound moulding

Many B2C products such as furniture is sustainability a key factor, and more and more substitute virgin fibers with Ucomposites’ 4,5mm recycled fibers for their compound moulding applications.