Our company

Ucomposites A/S is a pioneer in recycling of composites and glass fibers. The company is probably the largest in the world of its kind. The company were established by the two Danish entrepreneurs Jakob Grymer Tholstrup and Anders Linnet in 2008 as a composites trading company. In 2013, after several years of research and development, Ucomposites established the world’s first high quality composites recycling plant of its kind. The objective was to deliver cheaper chopped glass fiber in virgin quality. Today Ucomposites’ value proposition still is to supply recycled fibers in virgin quality to key industry sectors such as Automotive, Building Materials, Oil & Gas.

Ucomposites’ headquarter and plant is located in the southern part of Denmark 40 minutes from the main gateway to Germany and the rest of Europe, the ferry point Rødby-Puttgarden. Ucomposites’ export share is more than 95% and the company export to most countries in Europe, USA, Africa and the Americas.

Our name symbolizes a U-turn in the conventional way of thinking composites. By combining the highest quality of raw materials available with a unique fiber processing technology, we deliver innovatively engineered products that challenge the industry standards.

However, the U also symbolizes “you” as we produce engineered specialty products developed to fit individually needs.

Today our track record has proved it is possible. Ucomposites supply chopped fibers to some of the most challenging Tier one customers supplying eg. Volkswagen Group.