Ucomposites is supplier of advanced composites fiber solutions to industries with high technological demand such as the automotive industry. Our niche-products have superior performance compared to products available on the market.

Ucomposites develop its advanced fiber products based on the best composites and glass fiber raw material available on the market:
• E-glass from high quality European and US composites manufactures such as OCV, 3B, Devold AMT, Saertex and Ahlström.
• High Performance glass from OCV provides 15% better stiffness, 20% more strength and up to 10 times better fatigue resistance to a given load compared to E-glass.
• Boron-free E-CR-glass with up to 12 times increased performance in acidic environments and 50 times increase in performance for composites used in sea compared to E-glass.
• Silica glass produced from high purity (99.95%) SiO2 with very low coefficients of linear thermal expansion and transformation temperatures of more than 1050°C.