Kim Rodkjaer is Commercial Manager with Ucomposites A/S serving the companies customers with focus on Germany where he used to live for five years. In his spare time Kim is a racecar driver in the DTC-class with his own team and has a natural interest in technology and in the automotive industry. Kim is driving a Chevrolet Camaro V8 5,7 liter 440HP. Kim is married to Pernille and they have two pre-school girls – living together in their new house north of Copenhagen, DK. Kim is educated machine operator combined with a theoretical education as academy economist. Prior to Ucomposites Kim have had an international career as commissioning engineer & after sales manager servicing his customers in Europe, Russia and Middle East and export sales manager in the manufacturing industry. Kim used to live in Germany for 5 years, which he can benefit from when servicing Ucomposites German customers.